The mobile workplace -
flexible and independent

WorkMo stands for Work Mobility. Sortimo has developed a multifunctional system, which can be used as workshop equipment, transport system, mobile workshop and work station.

Sortimo WorkMo – the mobile work station for maximum flexibility!



Stackable functional modules

Individually arrange your WorkMo yourself according to the respective daily requirement.

Put together quickly and simply

Pack up, take along, assemble and get started immediately.

Flexible operation

Use the WorkMo the way you want it: as mobile workshop, workshop shelf, means of transport or as work station.

To be configured individually

You can design WorkMo individually by means of various modules and the extensive accessories programme.

Simply get the WorkMo out of the vehicle, assemble, get started and simply pack up again after work is done. This is the WorkMo principle.


WorkMo consists of portable modules for the storage of tools, which are combinable at will and can be connected by means of a practical connecting clamp. The interior of these elements can be equipped to meet your individual requirements with drawers, shelves, BOXXes or case slides. The system remains mobile at the same time, due to its modular construction and can be quickly separated into portable units for both the loading and the transport in the vehicle.


The components are quickly transported from the workshop to the vehicle and from the vehicle to the place of operation by means of rollers. Depending on the place of operation and the demand, stackable functional modules can be put together to make up a suitable work station.


The WorkMo added value becomes really clear at your place of operation: the modules can be put together as a tool case, work bench, worktable, or made up to an entire work station by means of the WorkMo accessories. The transport and arrangement system is converted into a fully functional workplace with the aid of the holders for accessories, multiple sockets, worktop and clamping system with which every possible adjustment can be made to your construction parts on site.


Sortimo provides an additional WorkMo load securing package which enables a suitable securing of the module in the loading area. The unique ProSafe load securing system from Sortimo enables a quick and simple lashing of the module on the floor.

WorkMo in passenger cars

We have created the ideal transport solution for you for the boot of your passenger car with WorkMo. Whether you are a sales rep. or a service technician, your materials are always stowed cleanly and safely in the modules. And the best part is that WorkMo is very quickly integrated into your car and just as quickly taken out again. So nothing interferes with your private use of your car. The WorkMo modules are secured using the already integrated lashing eyes in the vehicle. 

WORKMO - safety in passenger/estate cars too

WorkMo provides you with the ideal transport solution for the boot of your car.

Securing of the WorkMo module using existing lashing eyes

Quick integration in the car

Secure stowage of your material

Private use of car not affected

Which WorkMo is best suited for your car?

Should your car not appear in the table, we would be glad to help you further by telephone.

possible without restrictions possible to a limited extent not possible

*In addition, the Touran offers space for a combination of the WorkMo modules in width 4 and 3, height 500.


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