Industry Competence Sanitary / Heating / Air-Conditioning

With a Sortimo van racking system everything is optimally stored away, because especially as an installer of sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology you require plenty of spare and individual parts. Tools and working material have their determined place in the different boxes and can be arranged entirely according to your wishes. Everything is stored safely and available ready to hand. You can confidently leave searching to the competition.

Pressurized gas bottles are also optimally secured by holders with belts and ratchet lock and are immediately within reach. We are pleased to provide you with the statutory ventilation possibilities.

We offer:

  • Cases and BOXXes for many individual parts.
  • Convenient drawers for tools and material.
  • Long component trays for pipes and wires.
  • Holders for gas bottles and the ventilation system of the vehicle prescribed for this purpose.
  • Case clamp for securing machine cases of different sizes.
  • Accessories for plenty of helpful small details: holder for cleaning tissues, storage for cartridges, tool holder and many more.
  • With the roof rack “TopSystem” the all-round solution for your vehicle, including accessories such as ladder lift.
  • And much more

Equip your vehicle entirely according to your wishes, whether with a block on the right and left side or just on one side. Various organisation aids such as boxes, cases or drawers help you to shape your daily work routine in a more time-saving and thus efficient way.


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We compose the perfect van racking solution for you. Just get in touch with your nearest Sortimo professional!

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