Industry Competence Electrical Engineering

We offer suitable solutions for the daily demands of an electrician, electrical engineer or electronic technician for every type of vehicle. With a tailored Sortimo van racking system, which is planned exactly according to your needs, your material and tools are stored in a quick, well-arranged and, most notably, safe way. That way the industry-specific requirements in the daily routine of the electrical trade are perfectly solved. Sortimo supports you with regards to the optimal utilisation of your vehicle and making the perfect impression on the customer.

We offer:

  • Drawers for your tools.
  • Flexible cable holders.
  • S-BOXX for the storage of small components, for example clamps or sleeves.
  • L-BOXXes and T-BOXXes to conveniently transport small components.
  • Long components tray for cable conduits or similar long components.
  • Euro standard boxes in which fuses and plugs find their place.
  • Ladders and the corresponding fasteners for a space-saving and safe transport.
  • Case fixation systainers to secure machine cases of different sizes.
  • and much more

Make your vehicle a fully equipped electrician mobile, with portable boxes and cases. Everything is designed in a systematic and space-saving way, so that you still have sufficient space for the transport of white or brown goods. Opt for the Globelyst, the ingenious van racking system.


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We compose the perfect van racking solution for you. Just get in touch with your nearest Sortimo professional!

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