The Sortimo TopSystem is a customisable roof racking system with which you can transport bulky payload on the vehicle without difficulty. The TopSystem is manufactured in a lightweight method of construction and guarantees a high loading capacity with a low net weight.

The TopSystem roof rack can be extended at will, and it is possible to expand its load capacity several fold. Thanks to its special construction made of anodised aluminium and high-tensile stainless steel, the TopSystem is corrosion resistant and as a result has a long service life. The TopSystem is not only suitable for small and medium sized vans but also for large vans.

Sortimo TopSystem – All benefits at a glance

Everything from one source

From the market leader for professional load securing.

Flexible customisation to meet your requirements – extendible at any time

A retrofitting extension of the roof rack system is possible at any time, due to the modular construction of the system.

Crash tested

That way we guarantee you the utmost safety.

A long service life

The basic framework of the roof rack is made of anodised aluminium; the connecting elements are made of weather-proof stainless steel or are covered with a suitable outdoor coating.

Multi-functionally applicable – thanks to useful accessories

You are suitably equipped whether with the ladder lift, aluminium transport tube, or warning and illumination devices – with diverse functional adaptions to the TopSystem.

For every van

Thanks to the flexible construction the Sortimo TopSystem is available for all popular vehicle types.

Lightweight and still enormously sturdy

Benefit from the possibility of maximum payload and minimum net load.

Professional load securing by means of integrated ProSafe lashing system.

An integrated system, through and through, for load securing. In the vehicle on the floor, wall and van racking system, as well as on top of the roof rack.

Easier transferal to your new vehicle

The roof racking system can be changed over to the new vehicle without any difficulty.

3 Year guarantee

Sortimo's tested quality never lets you down.

Suggestions – possible way of modelling your Sortimo TopSystem

Sortimo TopSystem basic load securing on the vehicle roof


  • 6 support feet with 3 cross members
  • Hard plastic end caps
  • Low net weight
  • Low noise level
Sortimo TopSystem standard load securing on the vehicle roof


  • 6 support feet with 3 cross members
  • Side securing of the payload by means of load stopper 150
  • Low noise level
  • No corrosion thanks to the aluminium and stainless steel parts
Sortimo TopSystem load securing on the vehicle roof


  • 6 support feet with 3 cross members
  • 2 Aluminium-side rails for securing the payload on the side
  • ProSafe lashing rail for optimum securing
  • Extendible at any time with additional cross profiles 


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